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Thrift Shopping With Stylist Siki: Gliterrati

24 February of 2015

By Siki Msuseni (@SikiMsuseni)

Style blogger, Siki Msuseni, takes us into Gliterrati, one of her favourite thrift shops in Cape Town and we discover that every item has a story to tell. Likewise, the owner of the store, Terry Mullins has an inspirational story for aspiring fashionistas, store-owners and dreamers.


 This post was originally published on Siki’s blog, All Things Intriguing.

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Not all that glitters is gold.

I promised to share with you where I buy my vintage clothes from. A lot of ladies ask me where I buy my clothes and it all varies with my budget, the time I have to go looking for gems and the type of style I am going for. It all boils down to inspiration and if I can afford to purchase the items.

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My experience with vintage shopping has always left me with a story behind every vintage item in my wardrobe. Take for example my beautiful vintage bag I bought at Salvation Army for R15 (see it here), it was buried in dust, stank like urine and there was no hope for it but among all the digging I saw potential in it. I got home, soaked it in soap water, hung it and then applied wood polish (Mr Min to be specific). So I lie not when I tell you that each vintage item has a story behind it, sometimes it’s about how I fought for the item or negotiated the price with my last rands in my bank account, only to starve the rest of the month.

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Glitterati at The Long Street Arcade is the heaven to vintage clothing. There’s absolutely nothing glamourous about shopping for vintage clothes, you have to dig through a lot of items, small as the shop may be Terry Mullins (Owner) has managed to compartmentalise the store to make it easy to shop. You will be happy to know that this store also caters for vintage menswear. I must say that the space is quite claustrophobic, wrong word to use, but this is to say if it was in a bigger space it would have been easy to shop. It’s quite clusted but I understand that rent is not cheap in Cape Town CBD.

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The story of Glitterati is quite an inspiring one, Terry started out as a Sales Assistant in the shop and when the previous owner was selling the business Terry bought it. From Sales Assistant to shop owner, big strides here. Quite inspiring for an aspiring shop-owner out there.

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Pop in at Glitterati from Mon-Fri: 10am-4pm , Sat: 9:30am-2pm



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