The Genesis Fiend, gatekeeper to the next world By: The Unconquerable VZA


06 May of 2014

By: Nombuso Nkambule (@hrh_nombuso)

Meet The Unconquerable VZA, a Wits University graduate and a new age creative who makes art out of the mythical stories he writes, the vivid photographs he takes and the chalkboard drawings he creates.

Photography and Design: The Unconquerable VZA

Artist: The Unconquerable VZA
Photography Credit: The Unconquerable VZA

Viwe Nyamakazi, or The Unconquerable VZA as he is known, is a new age artist based in the heart of South Africa’s booming creative movement – Braamfontein, Johannesburg. He is a multi-disciplinary creative who makes art in various forms which include drawing, photography and writing. He has a unique style of of directing his inspirations and idea’s into drawings through the use of coloured chalk and blackboards. The creative says, “my drawings are the manifestation of my imagination into a physical form. I make them in order to allow the audience to formulate their own stories, and to stimulate the viewer’s thinking.”

How would you describe your photography and design?

My photography is a metamorphosis of the world. It is the world seen through a third eye scope. The photos are of things that you see everyday like flowers or a cloud. I take those everyday things and try to add a magical twist to them by using some graphic manipulation techniques. I started taking photos in high school, but they only manifested into the way you see them today in 2012.

By: The Unconquerable VZA

By: The Unconquerable VZA

Strolling Photo Credit: The Unconquerable VZA

Photo Credit: The Unconquerable VZA

You also draw using chalk and blackboards, what inspired the style of your drawing?

My drawings are inspired by ancient and mythological stories from all over the world. Stories are important to me, they’re an ability to retell a story about anything you want. That’s pretty magical, so I draw it.

Why do you draw them?

I draw to elicit curiosity and to get the cog-works grinding. ‘Stimulation of thought’ is the motive for anyone who would come across my drawings. There are things out there other than money, alcohol and parties. I hope my drawings incite you to use your imagination and the parts of your mind that are often left dormant. Open up your imagination, and see for yourself.

The Apostles Eyes By: The Unconquerable VZA

The Apostles Eyes
By: The Unconquerable VZA

Gatekeeper and his Herald of Angels By: The Unconquerable VZA

Gatekeeper and his Herald of Angels
By: The Unconquerable VZA

On top of being an artist and a photographer, you are a writer too. What do you write about?

I write about stories that I create in my mind because I have always loved making stories up for people since I can remember; it provides entertainment for them. If I can inspire a new thought or enhance your imagination, then my job has been done. It has taken a long time for me to develop my style of writing.

Here is an excerpt from Unconquerable: Part 1, a story which VZA says was inspired by ‘his journey as a modern day warrior’:

“As I roam these loamy roads, the lonely Ronin strolls and goes in directions unknown.

Unbeknownst to those, the non-believers, oceans flow and foam to the brim.

The ghostly winds moan and sing songs, chanting ancient hymns of seven deadly sins.

Heaven’s gates of fire fuel our hearts’ desires, servant and the sire victims of the buyer.

Devil is our leader, preachers are the teachers while our faith barely features.”


The Unconquerable VZA Twitter: @VG_The_Boss

The Unconquerable VZA Instagram: @theunconquerableVZA

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