That Doef-Doef Music: South Africas electronic music scene

24 June of 2014

By: The Pencil Boy (@thepencilboy)

UJFM host of The Pencil Boy Show on Saturday nights and DJ, Tlou Ramphele (The Pencil Boy) talks doef-doef dj’s, quality control and the transformation behind South African electronic music.

The South African electronic music scene has historically been behind and somewhat undefined, but always enthusiastically taking to new electronic music with the same respect any ‘Madonna-like’ pop star would receive. Unfortunately, much like the well documented segregated nature of Mzansi’s political history, her electronic music scene can often reflect similar segregation patterns. However with the new South Africa, have come new possibilities, new ideas and most importantly – new, unifying music.

The current generation of electronic music artists have such an intriguing mesh of influences, that we now do have our own identity and the world is taking notice. With pioneering artists like Black Coffee, Protoculture, Goldfish leading the way locally and internationally for South African electronic music,  you can’t help but take notice.

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Oppi Koppi
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We now have incredible festivals and parties like CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival), Afrika Burn, Oppi Koppi and ‘The Warm Up, who can all boast an international level of appeal. And each city has its own thriving, diverse electronic music scene with House Music, Bass and fusions of pretty much every other sub-genre well represented and well supported.

Although mainstream electronic music has in a sense dwindled in terms of quality and South Africa has gone from being one of the world’s top consumers in house music to producers, simply imitating whatever the world tells us is hot. However, the ‘underground’ is stronger than it’s ever been, with new electronic music artists creeping out of every corner of the country, receiving love from the local ‘heads’ and international acclaim, as a result of their undeniably unique talent. With the likes of Jullian Gomes, Terrence Pearce, Das Kapital, Sibot and Spoek Mathambo leading the new school of locally produced underground electronic music, the future looks bright.

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