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Stylist Siki’s Six Best Colour Moments

13 January of 2015

By Siki Msuseni (@SikiMsuseni)
Often my style is an extension of my personality. I love wearing vintage items and pretty colourful clothes. Even though at times I step out the house not paying much attention to what i have put together, I managed to let you in my wardobe by sharing my style inspiration. These are some of my best colour moments.

Colour 7
Going Green / Eco friendly:
The top is actually a common dress from Mr Price which I feel every second blogger has, so I thought I should be different and wear it as a top with this skirt that I made a while back during some trial-and-error dress-making. Colour co-ordination always plays a big part in my styling.
Colour 6
The checkered bag pattern:
This has to be my favourite dress. So many people have asked me where I bought it. Pity it has left the rails of Edgars. I bought it from their Charter Club range. I know Charter Club to be a label for grown middle-age women, so when I found this pretty dress in it’s smallest size I couldn’t leave it behind! All because of its print.
Colour 9
Tangerine Woolworths dress:
I have a fetish for shift dresses. Box style – There’s no tucking in of the stomach required and I just wear the dress and hop along. Even though I’m not a big fan of heels, (because I’m uncomfortable in them) I chose to wear heels with this pretty dress.
Colour 4
Gogo’s dress:
This dress holds a dear place in my heart, it’s the dress that my granny gave to me. I don’t think I will ever stop loving it. I do this odd thing where I wear my dresses with a pair of sneakers. I’m still trying to decide whether you should call the fashion-police for this bad trend of mine. I think I might be opting for comfort more than anything.
Colour 2


Tangerine dress with blue neck piece:

I love bold neckpieces. Statement neckpieces bring life to an outfit. So whenever i’m having a gloomy or moody day i tend to run for my bold neckpieces.

The yellow paper-doll dress:
I love this dress because it is bright and playful, reflecting my personality. I actually love bright colours now that I look at my palette of outfit posts. I’m embarrassed actually. I think I should start purchasing monochrome items.
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