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Producing The Perfect Mix: Syd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians

01 July of 2014

By: The Unconquerable VZA (@UNCQVZA) and Khosi Nkambule (@k_nkambule)

Musical musings about the girl and guy behind some of your favourite Odd Future, Mac Miller and Kilo Kish tracks.


By: The Unconquerable VZA (@UNCQVZA)

Artist: Syd Tha Kyd

The Internet Feel Good Album Art

The Internet
Feel Good Album Art

When it comes to music, it is often the performer of the song that takes most of the credit for its mastery. The artist in the background and behind the scenes is overlooked; the producers of the hip hop songs that are enjoyed by many become sorcerers behind the magic. One such magician is Odd Future’s Syd Tha Kyd. A songstress, DJ and producer, Syd has been the genius behind many popular songs by the band, The Internet and the hip-hop collective, Odd Future (OFWGKTA).

Feel Good is the second album by the neo-soul and trip-hop band, The Internet. Modern trip-hop is a sub-genre of electronic music borrowing influences from hip-hop, jazz, rock and R&B. As a genre, it is characterised by its perplexing sounds and chilled tempo. Feel Good is a laid back album and an easy listen with strong hip-hop and R&B influences with features from artists like Mac Miller and Jesse Boykins III. Notable songs on the album include Dontcha and Partners in Crime Part Two.

I enjoy Feel Good because of its cross-genre characteristics. You may not necessarily take pleasure in listening to neo-soul music, but because The Internet combines elements of so many other genres into their own production, you could forget to be displeased. Along with her band mates, Syd delivers a different sound any music enthusiast will enjoy. If you are interested in mellowing out, this album is definitely for you. The Internet’s other projects include their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies and their latest offering with Mac Miller, Live From Space.

The Internet’s 2013 album, Feel Good, is available for purchase on iTunes and you can stream the full album on


By: Khosi Nkambule (@k_nkambule)

Artist: Matt Martians

The Jet Age of Tomorrow The Jellyfish Mentality Album Art

The Jet Age of Tomorrow
The Jellyfish Mentality Album Art

Apart from being a founding member of OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), Matt Martian, born (Matthew Martins), also started The Internet  with his best friend and roommate, Syd Tha Kyd. A beat master by nature, Martians has always been passionate about his music, but struggled to find artists that could deliver over a weird and ethereal sound. He has also paired up with Hal Williams, who operates under the alias Pyramid Vritra, to create the production duo known as The Jet Age Of Tomorrow. Vritra is also the founder of hip-hop collective Nobody Really Knows (NRK).

The duo’s third album, The Jellyfish Mentality, is packed with instrumentals that leave you thugging to a hip-hop beat or head-bobbing to the sound of a little electronic funk.  Song titles like “Planet on Pluto” and the spacey jazz beats in “A Place Where Lover’s Go” tell us a tale about extra-terrestrial beings and their ability to create sounds of the future. You’re not quite sure how peculiar beats and vocals are warped into a sound that works, and so the intrigue behind the music remains.

Four OFWGKTA members joined the space travel theme of this album. We hear more from humble Odd Future rapper Mike G on “Asia” as well as from Domo Genesis and young talent, Vince Staples, as they rap over a smoothly reworked sample called “Wonderful World”. Instrumentals aside, the variety of talent featured on this album is pleasantly surprising. “Telephones” is the last of a twenty-one track space migration, where mellow instrumentals are strung together to compose a song reminiscent of a place somewhere between space and time. What I enjoy most about The Jet Age is their unmatched sound; it gives the listener the freedom to become a critic and decide for themselves what they think sounds weird and which sounds are actually kind of cool. Their first album, The Voyager, is a great starting point to get a feel of their production game.

The Jellyfish Mentality (2013) is The Jet Age’s latest release and is available for free download on the Odd Future Website.

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