#MyFashionWeek: Tshepang “Twiggy” Mollison

26 April of 2014

Cape Town Cool with TwiggyMoli.

My name is Tshepang Mollison, but everyone calls me Twiggy/TwiggyMoli now due to my social media handles (Twitter handle: @TwiggyMoli and Instagram: TwiggyMoli). I’m a 21 year old blogger  and amateur photographer from Soweto, living in Cape Town.

Throughout my looks you will notice three things – red lipstick, my gold Swatch watch and sunglasses, those are my everyday “accessories”. I never ever wear traditional accessories simply because they are often expensive and I lose them all the time – my fingers and wrists are too skinny.

I am a sunglass and lipstick whore. My M.A.C Ruby Woo has become my signature lipstick, I wear it as often as possible to school and casual places but not to major events because too many girls have hopped on that train. I’ll never leave the house without any type of lipstick on, I  feel like it makes my face look brighter and more interesting especially now that I’ve cut my hair.

I would describe my style as very minimal and no fuss. I don’t like layering and wearing clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable.

I’m not into trends, I just wear what suits my body and what I like, I try not to take fashion too seriously. If I followed trends religiously, then I would look like every other girl – so I try to stand out instead of blend in.

All photos taken by Sam Mokgalong.
Fruitcake Vintage





Street Wear Renaissance on 33 De Korte

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