June Style: The business of fashion, photography and beauty

By Nombuso Nkambule (@hrh_nombuso)

True to the name of the business, June Style has a sophisticated of business. We talk to founder and project manager of June Style, Yolanda Dladla, about how she evolved what started off as a hair and make-up agency into a brand that incorporates all elements of style.

Founded by 22 year old Yolanda Dladla in 2011, June Style is in the business of fashion, photography and beauty. Dladla says of June Style, “our style of business is sophisticated and unpredictable. We take a bold and alternative approach to redefine the conventional image of beauty.”  What Dladla loves most about her job love is being able to have a vision and see it come to life through various projects such as lookbooks and photoshoots.

June Style’s editor-in-chief, Zita Zambo is also a make-up artist , photographer and stylist. There are four more make-up artists, Nichole Smith, Bianca Moreira, Ivana Seric and Lisa Lesly. Nicole Sasman is also a make-up artist as well as a nail artist, while Zita Peace is a make-up artist and hairstylist. Heather Delaney is the teams second hair stylist.

Yolanda Dladla (June Style Founder and Project Manager)
Yolanda Dladla
(June Style Founder and Project Manager)

Why the name, ‘June Style’?

The name was inspired by my great-grandmother, June Rose. She was by far the most stylish woman I knew and really influenced my love for clothes throughout my childhood.

What was the inspiration behind the inception and founding of June Style?

The inspiration came from my personal experience preparing for my matric dance, I was late for every single one of my appointments on the day after getting a flat tyre on my way to my first appointment. I then thought it would be useful if people had a service that could bring a team of qualified artists to the location of one’s choice, to avoid the inconvenience of having to move to many different locations when preparing for an important event. We then started our Red Carpet School Tours visiting several schools addressing the ladies in matric helping them prepare for their big day, giving them some useful tips and amazing prizes. What once started as a hair and make-up agency soon evolved into a brand that incorporates all elements of style.

Who are some of the most memorable clients you have worked with?

I have really loved having the support of our sponsor Revlon and collaborating with such an amazing brand. We really loved working with JJ Schoeman in our first lookbook, we had so much fun and they really gave us a lot of creative freedom. Most importantly I have enjoyed working with all my brides and all the lovely ladies preparing for their matric dance, they are the most exciting clients to work with.

June Style Bridal styling, hair, make-up and photography.
June Style
Bridal styling, hair, make-up and photography.
June Style Lookbook Dress by JJ Schoeman
June Style Lookbook
Dress by JJ Schoeman

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced as an emerging woman entrepreneur in the styling industry?

I do not think my gender has affected me in a negative manner, however, I do think that being a very young female working in an established industry does affect me negatively. People tend to not take me seriously and I find myself having to prove myself a lot.

You are currently a student, how do you juggle studying towards a law degree and working towards making June Style a success?

It’s so difficult, I tend to work extremely long hours and often work into the AMs. I try to do as much June Style related work during the day when I am not in class and I dedicate my evenings towards my studies.

Where would you like to see June Style headed in the near future?

I would love for June Style to become a national agency, to have more teams in more regions and I would love for the blog to develop into an online magazine one day. My main priority is for June Style to be the first brand that people think of when styling any photo shoot or for person attending an event.

What advice do you have for other young women looking to create a tangible business out of creative styling?

The most important thing when working in any creative industry is to not just rely on your talent, but to take the business element of it more seriously. Reach out to as many people as possible and persevere through the hard times. Most importantly I think if anyone has any idea they should run with it and make it happen, ideas are nothing without implementation, believe in yourself and your work.

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