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I Have Great Genes: Defying body beauty stereotypes

25 November of 2014

By Lala Nyakezi

Women who defy body beauty stereotypes tell us what makes them most attractive.


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This is what makes these women most attractive:


I LOVE MY CONFIDENCE BECAUSE IT DEFIES STEREOTYPES. Stereotypes commonly held by society about being fat, black or female and how these descriptors automatically determine the kind of person I have to be. When in reality this is not the case, me being fat, black and female is just a part of me and in no way do these social constructions limit me. I am so much more and enough…my being is beautiful, sexy, stylish, intelligent,  hard working,  assertive, passionate and the list goes on :)





I LOVE MY SMILE. When I look at my smiling face I believe I can…my smile reminds me I’m intelligent, strong, beautiful, independent, passionate, all the virtues of an amazing woman.






I LOVE MYSELF. Even though society dictates what’s beautiful, I have a big tummy and stretch marks but that’s not a problem. When I look in the mirror I’m in awe of how far I’ve come, beauty to me is having a high self esteem and accepting yourself as you are.


I LOVE MY CONFIDENCE. I am comfortable with my size and I’m not afraid to say it. Being plus size makes me feel attractive and confident and I love it.




I LOVE THAT I HAVE SUCH AN EFFORTLESS SMILE. Besides the fact that I get complimented about it, it gives me this natural glow and makes me feel good inside and out.



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