#ForBlackGirlsOnly: A space for support, creativity and healing for Black girls

05 August of 2015

By Vanguard Reporter

“A long time ago I learned not to explain things to people. It misleads them into thinking that they’re entitled to know everything I do.” -Lisa Kleypas
The following are the words of Sivu Onesipho Siwisa, organiser of #ForBlackGirlsOnly and Founder of Ikasi Pride
I think the time has long gone for us to tip toe around needing Black only spaces. I am not apologetic about that. We cannot deal with trauma and damaging experiences anywhere because we are called upon to be ‘inclusive’. NO!
Everywhere, every day, we are called upon to explain and legitimise our pain; as Black people, as Women, as Queer and Trans folk. Everyday we are expected to rise through the trenches of our experiences in order to justify why we are worthy of being alive, unharmed or not traumatized, particularly to people who could not care less if we are harmed or traumatised.

#ForBlackGirlsOnly is a deliberate and unapologetic space to centre the lives and experiences of Black women right across gender and sexuality lines. It is a space to share tools to build ourselves. A space to tend to our wounds – wounds we may have not even known we had. It is a space of safety, however momentary, where Black girls are not threatened.

This space is especially important if Black Girls want to survive in a world not designed to see them alive. It is even more important now, as we have realised that we still have to explain our pain and have it weighed or debated for validity.

I am unapologetic about wanting to create spaces where Black people can breathe without having to mumble or silence themselves around Whiteness out of fear of offending or hurting our White counterparts.

Personally, I will not debate my pain or trauma as a Black Queer Woman. I will also not coddle or baby walk anyone about it. I am certainly not wanting it validated or legitimised by anybody. Just don’t distract me trying to deal with it.

About the event

For nothing and nobody else but ‪#‎ForBlackGirlsOnly‬


A space for support, creativity, healing, tending to wounds, learning, unlearning, interrogating, wailing, celebrating and pure unapologetic love for Black Girls.

Talks include some of the most brilliant young feminists/womanist, radical organisers, passionate advocates of eroticism and self-care advisors. We also have a lineup of amazing performers.

A book exchange (Black writers ONLY), product stalls and stands. Plus the opening of The World Hates Black Women, a photographic exhibition of Black women’s lives, pain and experiences.



Young, Black and Trapped In Your Degree: The political and economic diagnosis of a passionless education



A Note On Your Voice: Your voice and your perspective is valid

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