Photo credit: Tiiesetso Molobi

Favourite Blogs: Urban Mosadi

26 April of 2014

By Panashe Chigumadzi (@panashechig)

The ‘JoHo’ Zeitgeist as told by the Urban Mosadi

Urban Mosadi is the work of trendy mother, blogger, photographer, stylist and product designer, Tiisetso Molobi.

Vntage Mosadi

‘Vintage Mosadi’
Photo credit: Tiisetso Molobi

The blogs site captures much of the cultural zeitgeist of “JoHo”, as Molobi often calls it. Follow her blog as she lets you in on her favourite sneaker haunts (WATCH: SoleMeet ReCap), gives some insights on her journey through motherhood, updates you on some of the hippest events she might be hosting (check out the ‘AFTERtheSUNSET’ Screenings) or attending, showcases some of her work as an accessories customizer and designer (such as the  urbanmosadi Backpack range 2014 ) as well as her cool collaborations (WATCH: urbanmosadi x Rayban: Envision That! ) and induces some envy in us as she documents some of her travels between places such as LA, the Mother City and Ghana.


Photo Credit: Tiisetso Molobi Molobi in front of Kwame Nkrumah statue in Ghana

Photo Credit: Tiisetso Molobi
Molobi (left) in front of Kwame Nkrumah statue in Ghana


Photo credit: Tiisetso Molobi

Photo credit: Tiisetso Molobi
Kicks on sale at the SoleMeet

Photo credit: Tiiesetso Molobi

Photo credit: Tiiesetso Molobi
One pair of Molobi’s very many favourite kicks

Molobi’s words:

“The blog is really a visual diary of the things that truly interest me. ‘Street Cultures’ local and global is really the same, and this is what I showcase. But, these days my updated posts are sparse as my interests have slowly shifted from strictly trendy fashion things to solidifying an artist objective and figuring out how to creatively contribute to the Afrikan Aesthetic in an authentic and thoughtful way, particularly through my urbanmosadi Kente & leather products.”

Molobi's urban kente bags

Molobi’s urban kente bags

Photo credit: Tiisetso Molobi Molobi and her daughter Mosadi

Photo credit: Tiisetso Molobi
Molobi and her daughter, Mosadi

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