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FASHION INTERVIEW: Yasmin Furmie x Missshape Ambassadors Collection

04 November of 2014

By Shazia Jassat (@shaziyes)

A conversation with the dynamic Yasmin Furmie about her fashion inspirations and recent collaboration with Jamal Nxedlana on the Missshape x Yasmin Furmie collection.

All photos from MissshapeZA (Facebook)

Two things that struck me about the lady in question, Yasmin Furmie, were her timelessness and ability to stay unique in an ever-changing fashion society. Furmie recently collaborated with the talented Jamal Ndlexana on the Missshape x Yasmin Furmie collection.

1. Your fashion journey is quite an impressive one, from modelling posts in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, USA, to taking part in social projects. At what point did you realise that fashion was the right thing for you?

I always knew that fashion was the right thing for me, but never pursued it formally. Instead my deep interest was subverted to the actual consuming of fashion, but I guess creatively putting it together. I was obsessed with shoes, the smell of leather, the feel of it and the actual design. I also laboured under the misconception that fashion was always frivolous. As a result, I never thought of pursuing my desire to create, but rather studied social work. I did model in between working, so the umbilical cord of fashion kept pulling me back in some way or the other. The opportunity to do this collaboration has just completed all the parts that make up my being.

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2. How did you meet Jamal and how did the Ambassadors collaboration come into being?

I met Jamal when I wanted to purchase a sweater from one of his previous collaborations. We immediately liked each other and I guess his love of fashion was certainly picked up in me. I don’t think we ever thought the fit was odd (I’m nearly double his age) and he suggested we do something together. It seemed like such a natural connection.

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3. What was your collective inspiration and creative aim for this collection?

Jamal and I sourced fabrics first. We decided what pieces we’d like to include, e.g. dresses, pants etc. the idea was to create something we both felt reflective of our styles and also the zeitgeist of the day; the sporty, somewhat luxe vibe., hence the mesh overlays and the clip belts on some of the items. It needed to be easy to wear, appealing to most ages yet easily recognizing Missshape’s hand in the overall aesthetic, the wax print for instance. We felt that need for functionality but also being somewhat quirky.

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4. The styling and general mood of the Missshape x Yasmin Furmie shoot was incredible and bold. I am personally a huge fan of the sliders and socks trend, which I saw some of your models rocking. What trends are you currently loving?

I never follow a particular trend. Perhaps it’s more truthful to say that I can combine trends quite well. It’s easy for me to wear very feminine dresses with masculine brogues. I love the sock/ sandal look, but then I can just as soon wear stilettos and slashed boyfriend jeans. Trends aid, but never define my look on a particular day. Give me sneakers and brogues….I’ll make it fit in anywhere.

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5. What influences, throughout your life, do you think impacted and helped create the individual style you have today?

My major influence was certainly my father. There was never a day he did not make people turn their heads. He loved sneakers, jeans…in fact he was defined by the denim he always wore. I recall that he was always dressed differently to his peers. So he certainly gave me that awareness quite unwittingly. My traveling definitely gave me the open mind and confidence to wear seen of the more daring things in my life.


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6. Your unique style has no generational barrier, sort of akin to that of Pharrell Williams (whom I love). What keeps your style consistently trendy and unique?

Style certainly is ageless. It also presents that way when one is confident and comfortable with the clothes being worn. I take risks, perhaps a lot of women would not wear what I do (meggings) for instance, but I’m utterly confident and comfortable and therefore I get away with it. It’s an outdated notion to think that there’s particular dressing for 20s and 50s. Anna Dello Russo would tell you otherwise.

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7. Last one for fun. I did some research and found that you’ve switched from black to blonde. How is that treating you? Are you having more fun?

Blondes having more fun? In reality, I may have received a lot more comments as people see that I’m not a natural blond, but as for fun.I try and have fun all the time. Let’s see when I go blue.



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