Illustration by Thandiwe Tshabalala

Editor’s Note: The July issue – Of kitten heels and ausies, twerking feminists and atchar

24 June of 2014

Dear Vanguardsters,

Does anyone remember the go-to verse of Mandela’s praise singer Zolani Mkiva that goes along the lines of “the possibilities, and the flexibilities of guargantan impossibilities..”? I thought it would be unfair of me to have this month’s issue themed ‘Dualities and Possibilities’ and not mention the hook that always gets me going.

This month we are taking inspiration, not from Mkiva, but from our readers, the code-switchers, and explore what it means to experience duality in our lives. We, as code-switchers, often have multiple identities that sometimes exist in seeming contradiction to each other.

This could be that at home you are the kitten-heel wearing daughter who respectfully refers to all adults not her parents as ‘aus” or ‘malume’, but at work calls everyone Sue and John and not Mrs van Niekerk or Mr Upton as you wear your sky-high heels. Alternatively, this could be the fact that you are a self-identifying feminist but know that hands down you have the best twerking game amongst your friends, because you showed them last week at Hush. Or, it could be the fact that you are an ardent Africanist, but like me, you have vowed to never eat atchar le magwinya because you think oil and mangoes should not ever mix.

So, this month we explore the freedom to imagine and shape new identities that is presented by Afrofuturism, we look at what it means to be part of the LGBTI community in South Africa and what it means to believe in both the ancestors and angels in our piece on religion and traditional belief systems.

In our culture section, UJ FM DJ Pencilboy gives us his take on ‘doef-doef’ music in his piece on the local electronic music scene. Fashion will have you re-evaluating both you and your man’s wardrobe as we showcase stylish gents and ladies’ accessories spotted in downtown Johannesburg.

Of course, our columnists remain ungovernable. Thato Magano demonstrates his ungovernability as he asks us to talk about Khanyi Mbau’s ‘drive-thru’ salons. An important read coming up will be Nombuso Nkambule’s take on depression and other mental illnesses that are increasingly taking root amongst our peers.

We hope you enjoy our July edition.



Illustration by Thandiwe Tshabalala


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