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DIY with Stylist Siki: How to tie a turban

23 September of 2014

By Siki Msuseni (@sikimsuseni)

Stylist Siki shares how we can tie wraps around our heads as stylishly as she does.


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I thought I should share with you how I tie my turban. Often when I go out I get asked by my fellow females “how did you tie that turban and give it that big puff in the front?” It’s a secret no more. This is how it’s done ladies.

I’m glad I have images to back it up, coz I often find it difficult to explain it to someone when they ask me on the streets. This is a tutorial to save you from those bad hair days.


Turban Siki Msuseni Vanguard

You will need:

A Cotton scarf 500mm x 500mm

TIP 1: It has to be a square scarf, or else it won’t work.

TIP 2: It has to be a Cotton scarf, satin won’t work or it will keep on slipping.


Vanguard Siki Msuseni Turban xx

Step 1: Fold diagonally, making a triangle. Place opposite corners together.

Turban Siki Msuseni Vanguard 2

Step 2: Place the crease at the back of your hairline, close to your neck.

Turban Siki Msuseni Vanguard 3

Turban Siki Msuseni Vanguard 4

Step 3: Tie a double knot in the front.

TIP: A granny knot will keep it in place. To make a Granny knot you place left over right and right over left

TIP: Do not make the knot too tight to allow for blood circulation.

Turban Siki Msuseni Vanguard 5

Step 4: Pull gently the flap under the knot and cover knot with flap

How To Tie A Turban Siki Msuseni Vanguard

Step 5: Tuck all left over excess material under the knot. Make sure that the knot is in place and won’t collapse before you walk out the house. and you are good to go! Voila! Best trick to hiding your bad-hair day in a turban / headwrap / doorag  (Shit knows what you want to call it).


All images captured by Noncedo

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