DIY with Siki: To pimp (pearl) your sunglasses

By Siki Msuseni (@SikiMsuseni)

Style blogger Siki shows us how to pimp a pair of round sunglasses with sheet of newspaper, a string of pearls, a pair of tweezers (or nail clipper!) and a glue-gun. 


This article was originally published on All Things Intriguing in this post.

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Everyday I stay inspired on the internet, and it was through an image I saw on MRP blog that I was triggered to create this DIY blog post. I have been seeing a lot of statement sunglasses also drew inspiration from Karen Walker Spring / Summer 2014 campaign a while ago. My DIY attempt ended up being an epic fail, which I still laugh about. You must scroll down to read the lessons I learnt while creating these cool sunnies. They remind me a bit of Chloe eyewear but way better! lol.
Now coming to the gist of it, this is how to make these statement pearl sunglasses:

What you will need

A sheet of newspaper

A string of pearls (preferably light weight pearl beads)

A pair of tweezers (in my case I used a nail clipper)

A pair of Round sunglasses

Super glue or a glue-gun

How to

  1. Lay a sheet of newspaper on the surface that you will be working on
  2. Plug in your glue gun and wait for 5 minutes before squirting out any glue out the nozzle (warning: Do not place your fingers anywhere near the nozzle of the glue gun. Same applies with your super glue.)
  3. Squirt glue on one pearl bead and immediately place bead on the frame of the sunglasses.
  4. Follow the glue-to-bead sequence next to each other until frame is filled with beads. Do not panic if a small amount of space is showing and a bead can not fit in that space, who cares? that’s why it’s called a DIY tutorial, the aim is to have fun and laugh at yourself but knowing you have created something with your hands. (rules of therapy)

The downfall. Lessons I’ve learnt:

After completing this tutorial there are some things I would have done differently and some honest feedback I would like to share with you so that when you try it out you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

  1. The glue gun is shit hot, Don’t even try playing with it, by placing your fingers on the nozzle, you will burn. Rather stick your beads with a pair of tweezers.
  2. Buy light weight beads. The beads that I stuck on are so heavy for the sunglasses to stay on my face, they block my nostrils. I have to support the sunglasses by wearing a turban. Quite hilarious. I guess we suffer for beauty.
  3. The beads fall off after application (true story), rather use a super glue, that too can mess with your fingers, again stick your beads with a pair of tweezers.

With all that said, I really love DIY tutorials, especially ones I come up with. It’s ever so great to see something on the internet and then say to yourself “I’m going to make that.” And you go on and make it and see the final results. Also knowing the mistakes you did so that you can share with someone what they need to look out for. I’m so excited that one of my modules this year at school is Clothing Construction, I will get to learn how to create basic garments and hopefully make some pretty dresses for myself and cut the middle-man out. I guess I just love creating shit with my hands.

Go on and try this at home and let me know how it goes.

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