By: Nombuso Nkambule (@hrh_nombuso)

In this thirteen minute short film , the London-based Nigerian filmmaker, Shola Amoo, delivers what can only be described as ‘sci-fi swag’.

DIRECTOR: Shola Amoo

CAST: Tanya Fear, Alexis Rodney and Nina Edwards

AVAILABILITY: Watch ‘Touch’ on Vimeo

In this thirteen minute short film, the London-based Nigerian filmmaker, Shola Amoo, delivers what can only be described as ‘sci-fi swag’. Touch was fully released online for free distrubution by the filmmaker in April 2014 and it has been described as a ‘futuristic short film’. The film tells a narrative of the social disconnect, love and the destructive cause and effect of technology. It has a small cast of only three which include a disconnected city man who finds love, a female protagonist robot who is the recipient of his affections, and her evil creator who uses the robot for her own benefits. It all sounds a little far-fetched I know, but the ease with which the out-of-the-box director has created a love story out of some pretty bizarre abstracts is what makes this film so brilliant.

Touch reminded me of an ultra-modern version of the childhood fairy-tale, Cinderella. Cinderella, who is actually a robot (played by Tanya Fear) was created so that the evil step-mother, a scientist in this movie, and her creator (played by Nina Edwards), could physically experience love and affection through Fear. The tyranny that Fear is subjected to for Edwards’ self-pleasing goal of feeling affection baffles me as Tanya’s creator has gone to extreme lengths to experience an emotion that is easily one person away. Fear, designed a robot, longs to feel the emotions that she is mechanically being used to feel, but was never created with: love and affection. She wonders about love, continually asking, “What is love?” Her creator limits Fear’s rendezvous’ with her disconnected man who has now become her love connection, and he hers. After the realisation that she genuinely does feel the emotion of love, Fear is faced with a classic ultimatum. This final ultimatum sees our robot protagonist choosing love over her ties to her creator and dealing with the consequences that will follow.

Watch ‘A Moving Image’ a film by Shola Amoo and check out the filmmaker’s blog,


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