Editor’s Note: November issue – ‘Talk that talk’

Dear Vanguardsters,

I’m sure you’ve been stopped in town and been asked something along the lines of, “Wa khuluma? Or wa thetha? Or wa bolela? Wa bua?”

If that question was posed to South Africa, the answer to that would be a resounding ‘sho’. As a country still on its nation-building project we love to talk, we love to debate, we love to subtweet, we love to pathologise.

“Is the rainbow nation a myth?”, “Why is our crime so violent?”, “Is corporate South Africa racist?”, “Is Chester Messing just another example of black face?”, “Why is Kelly Khumalo being slut-shamed as if she was the only one in the relationship?”

Vanguard loves talk too and so, our very own talk show is finally here!

After wake up calls at ungodly hours, lost footage, bad lighting and whatever else that could possibly go wrong, we have the first season of ‘The Code Switch’. We have a panel of amazing young women, talking and debating topics explored in some of the most popular Vanguard articles. True to our generation’s binge watching habits we have uploaded all six episodes for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve also just finished recording another great conversation with the indomitable cultural force Lebo Mashile and popular blogger Millusuthando Bongela (aka Miss Milli B) titled ‘Cultural Slavery in 2014: Who owns and tells our stories?’

The videos are part of a new chapter in the way Vanguard presents its conversations. It’s our way of saying thank you to our readers and partners for having supported us in the first six months. This upstart of a start up has had some really great support from the likes of AfriPop magazine, the Dibookeng book project, the Steve Biko Foundation and Azania and Lydia from Powerfm.

We are always on our tiptoes because we appreciate the time you spend with us. As a good friend of mine said to me the other day, “starting is easy, sustaining it is harder”. Here’s to another six months.

As you would’ve guessed, this month’s theme is ‘Talk that talk’. We’ll be discussing ‘Black Twitter’ and spaces for ‘black conversations’, languages and the ‘‘Palatability police’: The politics of who gets to have a voice in our national conversations’.

We hope you enjoy it!





BTW, look out for the VanguardxDibookeng Summerx500 digital anthology coming out next month!


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