#BestofTheInternets: Transgender in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

By Vanguard Reporter 

This week we feature the documentary series that tells the story of Ugandan transgender rights activist Cleopatra Kambugu and her decision to transition openly despite rising anti-LGBTQI sentiment in the East African nation. The seven-part series takes us into Cleo’s life over an 18 month period after she was forced to flee to Kenya after being “outed” as homosexual in one of Uganda’s major tabloids. 

 Episode 1 – The Bill:

In this episode, introduces us to Cleo and her boyfriend Nelson. The episode also details the changes that have occurred in Cleo’s life in the wake of her public outing in Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper and proposed anti-gay legislation from the Ugandan government.


Episode 2 – Right to Love:

In the second episode, “Right to Love,” We’ll take you deeper into Cleo and Nelson’s life, showing something that’s rarely highlighted when talking about transgender people in Uganda: their love, their hope and their dreams.


Episode 3 – Family:

In this video she talks about her family’s reaction when she came out, what parents of LGBTI people in Uganda fear and what her childhood was like.


Episode 4 – Nelson :

In this episode, we hear of Nelson’s desire to get married and Cleo’s love of children.

Look our for episodes five and six here.

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