Best of the Internets: What’s New for African Feminisms?

By Vanguard Reporter

In partnership with the African Feminist Forum and the African Women’s Development Fund, this session looked at what is fresh in African feminist thought and action, and the relationship between Diaspora and continent based activism.

Chaired by Nana Darkoa Sekiyamah of the African Women’s Development Fund, the session was part of the Women Of The World Festival at the Southbank Centre, 6-10 March 2013 in London.

The speakers were Pontso Mafete, Women’s Rights Manager at Comic Relief; Jessica Horn, writer and women’s rights consultant; Rita Ray, renowned DJ and African music specialist; and Ethiopian/American singer and campaigner Meklit Hadero.

Recognising that African women are gaining force in music, writing and film, the panelists offered powerful and subversive views on gender, power and the future.


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